(Didn’t) Nail It!

Good Morning and Happy Turkey Day! Still no Thanksgiving-themed food post just yet, but be patient…it’s coming. But, what I do have for you is a story, or rather a lesson. It’s a story I would like to tell that may just leave you sayin’ to yourself “well, she gone ‘n dernnn it again.” It all went down Tuesday…and basically, as Tuesday’s events were happening, I realized I would have to share them with you.  I’ve begun to view my site as not only a source of recipe inspiration,  but additionally as a space for honest sharing. So, here goes: Tuesday, I was lucky enough to get out of work by 1pm – kick off the holiday week early. After bumming around for a few hours (caught up on Monday’s most recent “Gossip Girl”- yup, happened, deal with it), I decided I was going to get a mani/pedi around 4:30pm and then hit up a yoga class at 6:30pm. What a delight, right? So I went to my local nail salon, and thoroughly enjoyed the pampering. I was out of there around 5:45pm, went home, put down my purse, and walked  on over (this Yoga studio happens to be right next door.) Now, I am not an avid Yogi (that’s a thing, right?), but I’ve dabbled in it here and there over the years. And, I’d like to point out that I did do a handstand AND headstand, so ya, I’m pretty much a professional. Yet, all the while- I’m still pretty new to the sport (it’s a sport, right?). So. I started out feeling good. But then, the first downward dog happened. And that’s when things got a bit awkward. My regular “Flow” yoga class, suddenly turned into what felt like “Bikram” yoga..and it wasn’t. I was unable to keep my hands and feet steady as they were sliding in opposite directions on the mat. In that moment I realized, getting a mani/pedi pre-yoga isn’t the smartest of ideas. Let me break it down for you: getting all lubed up with moisturizers and oils all over your hands, arms, legs and feet before doing yoga, isn’t a good idea. And to top it all off, at the end of the class- happy to have just finished it at all- I noticed the polish on my two big toe nails had smudged. So, there you have it. Lesson learned: Don’t get a manicure/pedicure before doing yoga. Now see below for a further breakdown…oh and enjoy your Turkeys.

LESSON LEARNED:  MANI/PEDI + YOGA = Basically this picture and clip below:


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